CFX Europe is Global Partner of Cash Forex Group.

Cash Forex Group(CFX) is a company that allows a person to invest money in the forex market while not necessarily needing to have any knowledge or previous experience. A person can invest and relax.

The Cash Forex Group is a Forex trading company which offers individual trading done on your behalf. The CFX business model combines an assisted trading system using algorithms in the Forex Market.

CFX handles all transactions and dealing in the market. To get started all one needs is to decide how much they wish to invest, anywhere between $300-$100,000 to start and create a Bitcoin wallet for funds used to purchase your package and have profits deposited back into.

You only ever need to buy 1 trading pack at the level you feel comfortable with as you are able to withdraw your profits weekly and use them if you wish to upgrade your trading pack to the next level, this will let you work your way up through the different level packs.

There is no ongoing subscriptions or weekly/monthly fees, all costs are taken out as you buy new trading packs and similarly if you have introduced someone else into CashFX, like many large companies you will be rewarded with a finders fee which also is paid to you each and every time they upgrade their trading packs, this can turn into a generous source of income on top of any trading pack profits.

Forex Markets trade 5 days a week and CashFX by trading automatically have been achieving between 5% — 15% weekly returns on trading packs which are paid out every week on a Saturday but of course trading can achieve losses as well as profits and no one should ever trade with money that they cannot afford to lose.

A portion of that money is then used by CFX in the Forex market (Foreign Exchange market). CFX uses experienced traders as well as a complex program of algorithms to improve predictions in the Forex market place.

Profits are reported daily and can be accessed via web site that is personalized for each member. Profits can be withdrawn and will be placed back into your bitcoin account. Once Bitcoin wallet is created and package is purchased, the process can be completely passive and takes no effort on the investors part.

There are Forex trading courses offered as part of the package so that if a person chooses to learn how the market works and trading is done, they can do so at their own pace. 

Each trading pack matures once it has achieved 200% of its original value, you can then withdraw your money or purchase another pack. A useful tip is not to wait for the pack to mature but use your weekly profits to upgrade your pack by paying the difference in the pack value before the pack finishes.

Each trading pack matures when it reaches 200%, how long that takes depends on markets and the amount of automated trading success. Any profits are shown daily and paid out weekly. Trading profits vary daily and if they didn’t that would be a concern and potentially suspicious. You can repurchase a pack or upgrade your pack by simply paying the difference from your profits. So in simple terms you only need to buy one pack and keep upgrading to work your way up through the different value packs and so increasing your benefits and profits.

Like all Trading there are risks and you should come in at a level you feel comfortable with, that way you will enjoy the journey much more, that having been said CashFX Group have shown very consistent returns over a long period of time.

Investor can earn up to 4x its original investment joining our leaders.

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Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, please only trade money you can afford to lose. No Trade results can be guaranteed in any type of real trading activity. Participation in the Cash Forex Group Rewards Plan is not a guarantee of success. Both hard work and following the structure of the Rewards Plan are required for results.