What Is The Cost To Join CFX Group?

The minimum cost to join CFX Group is $300USD.

However, the company offers several contract levels that range up to $100,000.

The company offers a 200% or 400% increase on your contract, and once that cap is reached you must withdraw your balance and renew or upgrade to a higher contract if you wish to.

The Profits for all members are generated from both passive trades and a unique Rewards Plan. This includes an industry-first Bull and Bear Plan which accelerates your team building and earning success. 

How Does The Cash FX Group Compensation Plan Work?

There are 2 ways that you can make money with the compensation plan:

  • Returns on your Investment Package 
  • Referral Commissions 

Getting Started – either as an individual trader or a team builder.

There are several levels that you can get started at as an affiliate member to earn from the individual trades and referral commissions.

The individual contract that you enter into promises that you can earn from your contract 200% from the Individual Trading which is capped to a maximum of 15% every week and there is a further 200% to be earned from the Team Building. Making an overall total of 400% if you are team building as well as trading.

Here is a breakdown of all of the Investment Packages that you can get started with:

  • The 300 Level – This level requires a $300 investment
  • The 500 Level – This level requires a $500 investment
  • The 1K Level – This level requires a $1,000 investment
  • The 2K Level – This level requires a $2,000 investment
  • The 5K Level – This level requires a $5,000 investment
  • The 10K Level – This level requires a $10,000 investment
  • The 20K Level – This level requires a $20,000 investment
  • The 30K Level – This level requires a $30,000 investment
  • The 50K Level – This level requires a $50,000 investment
  • The 100K Level – This level requires a $100,000 investment

Someone asked me: “What happens when someone invests with $100k?”

A: The enroller would earn a 15% bonus on that which would be $15,000 upfront (Fast Start Bonus) and paid immediately, and another $40,000 over time as the account holder withdrew their balance.

There is a unique strategy within CFX. When your account doubles in value you must withdraw it and then, if you wish, start a new contract with them to continue trading and/or building a business.

Of the people introduced with $300 so far, most have already upgraded and are now at the $1,000, $2,000 and much higher contracts. This is in less than a month. Fast forward to one year from now and multiple investors in this company are sitting with an investment of 50k. Visualize the expansion of your business just simply from people sharing this great opportunity. We are helping people help other people, help people

“All of this incredible amount of money is 100% sustainable indefinitely…”

I hope this has clearly illustrated why we have such an absolutely incredible opportunity with CFX. This is why the owners know that leaders who grasp the opportunity will be earning many millions per month in the coming years. Everyone who invests; no matter the amount, has the exact same opportunity to do the same.

The company teaches you to upgrade your investment right after it matures to earn even more money; this strategy nicely demonstrates the power of compounding, which is a miracle in and of itself. But of course you don’t need to keep adding to your investment! Many people reach a certain profit point and withdraw their balance every week.

One thing to take note of is the withdraw fee.

The company will take 20% from your balance withdrawal and 50% of that 20% will go toward the referral commissions that are earned from the Network Marketing compensation plan – and this is how the structure of this unique system sustains itself (because it’s mandatory to withdraw the balance when each contract completes) – and ensures that we do not need ‘new money’ coming in to sustain the network


The company does not make their profits from the trades of it’s members. Their primary profit is based from the trading profits. 

NOTE: there is no need to invite others in order to earn at CashFX, you earn total passive income as a Bear investor, but the unique Reward Plan also benefits Bears (passive investors) and increases earnings through the 3×10 forced matrix system.